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leave jenna jameson alone !


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everyone should leave jenna jameson alone she done nothing and everyone criticises her. shes trying to better herself for her kids like a good mother would but some people just cant let it go one thing happens between her and tito and it like world war 3 you guy need to get a life ! she tweeted she was quiting twitter because of hater then one guy said why don't you quit your life. i find this quite sh*t on her !

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WVU0507' date='


Yeah its a guy, but he is certainly Guy Light.




And that was one of the most popular things in the history of you tube.

Not being rude but where you from? or more accurately where were you about 3 years ago?[/quote']


I was in the military 3 years ago but that still doesn't explain why I've never seen that.........oh well!

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