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How would you all personally rank the division right now?


Frankie scores a huge upset on BJ (and don't rush me with "sick" excuses, BJ is taking the lose like the man, as a fan show him enough respect to do the same). Melendez scores the upset on Aoki. And then Ben Henderson makes Cowboy look like a sparring partner. Within a month the undisputed king got beat, the heir to the throne barely shows up to fight, and the champ no one paid attention to previously makes a huge splash. Personally, even with the lose, I think BJ is still #1 LW in the world - but the fight I most want to see right now is Benson/Frankie and then see the undisputed Zuffa Champ take on the king of 155. I know BJ/Edger is already locked down, but I wish they had made Frankie/Ben first.


Also, why is Dana & CO so mentally set on not merging their two 155 titles together?

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