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UfC 118 Card is looking F'ing AWESOME!!!!!!


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So far away, and so many things can happen between now and then but WOW!!! I hope this card stays the way it is!!!


You have the rematch between Frankie Edgar and Bj Penn, and you have the debut of James "Lights out" Toney against the F'ing man, Randy Couture!!!! Plus we have a Lightweight #1 contender fight between Kenny Florian and Gray Maynard....dope!!!!


Edgar vs Penn II is going to be a great fight!!! IMO the first fight didnt get enough credit and was overshadowed by negative reviews due to the antics of the last fight of the night. THIS FIGHT will be nothing short of awesome, though I think this time BJ will win. Bring forth a Trilogy.....


RANDY F'ING COUTURE!!!!!! Haters kill yourselves!!!! The man, The myth, the legend!!! Is fighting a VERY dangerous fight!!!! It really is...... For those who dont know James Toney, the dude has a cast iron chin, VERY fast tight clean combinations, tons of heart, and Tons of fighting experience, along with HARD!!! I mean HARD punches....and that is with boxing gloves!!! Take 10 ounces of padding out.....straight laid out!! This is a guy I see being extremely dangerous striking from outside and in the clinch range!!! Fast combo's on the outside, hard, fast, torquing short range punches from the clinch......I love Randy and will never root against him, this match worries me because we dont know how far James has come in his takedown defense. (He has been working with Ibarra, Rampages former trainer, and Ramp is HARD to takedown) and that Randy loves to work Dirty Boxing from the clinch....not a good idea. If Randy sticks to wrestling and GNP and doesnt toy with James's standup...Couture will win(I pick) and if he stands with James, Toney will surely KO Couture.(Wouldnt be surprised) GO RANDY!!!!


Florian vs Maynard......I really dont get why people give Gray so much sh*t??? The dude seriously reminds me of a 155 Randy Couture(his trainer, aka God) his stand up boxing is crisp, and sharp, and his wrestling is second to none(He holds a win over Edgar) and still hasnt lost in the Ufc. Florian is a damn stud in my eyes. His performance vs Penn sucked but everything else he looks excellent....I see this being a WAR and Im going to have to go with Gray.....but Florian has just as much of a shot as winning..Very hard match to call.

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