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James Toney


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Is no longer any good at boxing' date=' nor does he have any power in his hands.


All I see lately is how he has HEAVY HANDS!! OMG!!


I doubt he gets a single KO in any fights he may have in the UFC. I say he gets cut after losing to Couture.[/quote']


so you know that james toney does have heavy hands and Couture has an old man chin?


yeah your right you dont have to be a good boxer to beat Roy Jones Jr, cause he isnt a good boxer either.

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give the dude some credit atleast he is getting in the cage and not afraid of competition like mayweather.



yea i agree' date=' he want to fight the best. He said in Boxing he get pay much more and joing UFC to compete with the best till his time is up. He has very little juice left, but it will be very entertaining fight, i really want to see how his going to pull this off and what kind of technique he will use but this could also turn like mercer very stiff and blind mind it.


- seem like Boxer & World stronger weight lifter are competing in MMA.


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Hats off to James Toney for being crazy enough to step in the octagon but, Randy Couture wins easly... Randy, the man who was able to take down 300 pounds NCAA division I champion Brock Lesnar, will throw Toney around the octagon like a doll. Still, Toney could win against guys with no takedown skills who prefer just stand-up action, though everybody in the UFC would probably go for a takedown if they were fighting Toney.... Anyway, this will finally prove MMA>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Boxing

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