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August 1st!


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I think it will be a decent test for Jones, The Janitor is a excellent wrestler, so the take down shouldn't be easy. It wasn't suppose to be easy against Hammill either. I got jones winning on the feet. I thought this fight up a few days ago, I'm pretty good at forming fights, pre-rumor mill.


Utah hosts UFC on Versus 2




Days before the UFC 117 event in Oakland, the UFC is having their "Versus 2" event. Only two matches have been scheduled for the main card, J. Howard/J. Ellenberger, and T. Gomi/J. Stevenson. I have filled out the rest of the card.


Versus Televised Main Card:


Takinori Gomi v.s. Joe Stevenson*

Jon Jones v.s. Vladimir Matushenko

Mike Swick v.s. Rory Markham

John Howard v.s. Jake Ellenberger*


Un-aired Card:


Steve Cantwell v.s. James Irvin(Back at LHW)

Cole Miller v.s Jacob Volkmann

Tim Credeur v.s. Brian Stann

Nik Lentz v.s. Joe Brammer

Jarred Hamman v.s. Jason Brilz


*-already scheduled

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