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So, did anyone get pumped when...


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I'd rather see a Shogun Vs Rampage for the title in a rematch of their pride fight.



Rampage will knock this ****y bi.tch out cold, I mean Machida put him to SLEEP and hes not know at all for his power while id say (might be a stretch, wtv) Rampage is one of the most powerful strikers alive. Rashad will try and wrestle with Rampage but Rampage will defend his takedowns, not all of course, but when he does get taken down hell get right back up and knock his head off! WAR RAMPAGE!


it just seems like a bad matchup for Rashad

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i would never **** my pants to guys shirtless in the ring' date=' but i was very pumped when i saw it. ever since there constant arguments when they were coaches to now makes me want to see who walk the talk ya feeeel me[/quote']


its an expression you ****** ferret, how do you walk the talk, please explain




i dont like you

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