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Why Daley Threw that Illegal Punch

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Did you see Koscheck talking smack in last minute of the 3rd round, as he had him in a mount? When Rogan says "Oh he's talking to him now...." Right after you can see that Daley got so agitated that he started to gauge Koscheck's eyes, where the Ref tells Daley to stop.


Also, Daley was pissed off to begin with since Koscheck didn't stand with him like he said he would, but what really got him under his skin was probably the smack talk from a guy that was hugging him all night and from a guy that didn't land one solid punch, standing up nor from the ground.


Anyways, I'll get flamed for saying this but I don't care. I wish that Daley's illegal blow actually knocked Koscheck out. And I wish Daley follows Koscheck to his after party at Club Seven and lands a real knee, not a phantom one but a real knee. (barring he's not in jail for that illegal blow hehe).

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