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Breaking Down Strikeforce: Heavy Artillery

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Alistair Overeem vs. Brett Rogers (Strikeforce Heavyweight Championship Bout)


JJW: To me, this is a tricky fight to pick. Conventional wisdom would lead me to believe that Overeem, with his vast experience and far more technical striking would have this fight in the bag. He brings KO power into the ring and some of the best kicks in all of MMA and K-1. Before we just hand Overeem an easy KO victory though, lets look at this for a moment. Brett Rogers is no slouch, and in my humble opinion is fairly underrated as a heavyweight contender. He totally destroyed Arlovski in their fight, and had the current pound for pound best in the world, Fedor Emelianenko, in the most danger of being finished that we have EVER seen. Let us also look at the alleged steriod abuse of Overeem while fighting overseas. With the U.S. testing standards, this (if its even true) will not be an option for Overeem. Yet another thing to look at with Overeem is ring rust. He hasn?t had an MMA fight in around six months, with his recent focus being on K-1 tournements. These are a lot of variables and have led me to picking the upset.


JujitsWhos prediction: Brett Rogers by 2nd round KO.



Little_Kang: Disclaimer here, this is all dependent on if Overeem makes weight. All bets are off if he tests positive for a banned substance! This fight will hinges on who can land the first punch as they both heavy hitters. Brett Rogers, before being decapitated by Fedor Emenlianko, was undefeated, is still a force and it will be interesting to see how Brett bounces back from his first loss.


Ailstair Overeem with a well rounded striking game and a good ground game is a tough comeback fight for Rogers. The weaknesses I see in Alistair?s game are his questionable cardio and the fact that he has been KO?d several times in the past. However I don?t see it the same way JJW sees it.


Kang?s prediction: I have Overeem by TKO in the second round.





Andrei Arlovski vs. Antonio Silva


JJW: I like this fight. Both guys are hungry for wins having both lost their last time in the cage. Arlovski brings a lot of tools to the table in my opinion. Yes, his jaw is papermache, but he also has hands of cast iron which he knows how to throw around, great subs, decent throws and good takedowns. Silva has similar stats, having a solid BJJ background, and very respectable Muay Thai. The question is?.who gets to play their game? To me, Silva was MASSIVELY unimpressive in his last fight with Werdum. Even in the standup where he is strongest he was beaten. Arlovski is much stronger standing than Werdum, and has been addressing the holes in his game with Greg Jackson. This is a risky fight for both men.


JujitsWhos prediction: Arlovski via Unanimous Decision (possible TKO).




Little_Kang: Big Foot vs The Pitbull. One fighter is trying to get back in the title hunt while the other is trying to prove that he is still relevant in the heavyweight division. The keys for Silva is to use his size and power to try put one of his meat cleavers of fists on Arlovski?s chin. The ground game will be a near even match up between the Russian?s combat SAMBO and the Brazilian?s jiu jitsu. Though if Silva ends up on top Andrei will have to worry about the ground and pound that would follow. If Arlovski ends up top Antonio will have to make sure that he doesn?t leave any ankle out in the open because Andrei will take that ankle home with him. The key to Arlovski winning is his accuracy and speed. One thing he must have learned from his Rogers loss is when moving away is to move laterally not backwards. If Silva can catch Andrei side stepping, he can catch him with a hook on that side. Andrei will need to hit and move and not get predictable. The longer Arlovski can punish without being punished the better for him as his cardio will definitely be on the edge.


Kang?s prediction: Silva by KO in the first round.




Ronaldo ?Jacare? Souza vs. Joey Villasenor


JJW: Interesting fight. I?ll do my best to stay as objective as possible since Jacare is one of my favorite fighters. Villasenor is a pretty tough dude that brings a solid balance to the fight. Good hands, good subs and respectable power. If Joey can keep this fight standing, he has a decent shot at catching Jacare or winning a unanimous decision. I just can?t see it happening. Jacare?s standup looked massively improved in his fight with Lindland, he even rocked the big wrestler standing! As a pure athlete, Jacare makes Joey look unimpressive. Jacare has the ability to win this fight in almost every area. I think you?ll see a standup fight in this one. At least for a round. At some point this fight will get to the mat, at which point it will be a matter of time. Jacare is, in my opinion, the most dangerous grappler in MMA. He TOTALLY outclasses Vallasenor on the ground, and this will be the key to the fight.


JujitsWhos prediction: Ronaldo ?Jacare? Souza via submission (head and arm triangle) in the 2nd.



Little_Kang: This fight is to determine who could possibly get the next shot at the middle-weight title. Joey Villasenor despite a rocky past comes to this fight on a four fight win streak. But this fight will be a true test for him considering his last four fights weren?t against top fighters. Jacare coming with a 11-2 and 1 DQ record with a ground game that is matched by few if any. In my opinion this fight is the classic ?Striker vs Grappler? match-up. Joey will be hoping to stop Jacare with his strikes while Jacare will be hoping to get this fight to the ground and tap out Joey. For Jacare the key to winning this fight is takedowns. Another question is whether Jacare has improved his striking enough to mix up the stand up because Joey Villasenor comes out of the Jackson camp where they are great game planners and are probably expecting Jacare to try to get this fight down. If Jacare has put the time into his boxing to the point that he can get Joey to think about defending, then he can follow through the strikes into a shot. Joey Villasenor is hoping that before that happens that he can tag Jacare and put him out .


I have this fight ending with Jacare either putting Joey to sleep or taking an arm home with him. Even though the majority of Joey?s losses have come from (T)KO, Joey really hasn?t faced a beast of a grappler that is Jacare.


Kang?s prediction: Jacare by arm triangle in round 1.



To read the article in its entirety, click the link above

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I agree with JJW about rogers being underestimated. I like him to finsh Overeem quickly. Although I don;t think the fight is going to happen becauser I don't think Overeem can pass the test.


As far as AA vs Biggie, I can;t see how AA can lose. He should be able to hit Bigfoot at will so if his cardio is good and he can keep it going for three rounds he should have an easy decision.


I don;t thinkl Bigfoot can be KOed.

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My picks for the main card:


1. Ubereem

2. Arlovski

3. Jacare

4. Gracie

5. Feijao


sig bet anyone?


would but i agree with everything

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Nice theard JJW


Im kind of on the fence with Overroids vs Rogers. It's kind of will Overeem be able to pick Rogers apart but will his chin hold up if he gets clipped.


Im going with Overeem by decision but I smell a 1st or even second round upset by Rogers. Overeems chin is suspect and Rogers has heavy hands and coming off the loss he's out to prove himself.


"He totally destroyed Arlovski in their fight, and had the current pound for pound best in the world, Fedor Emelianenko, in the most danger of being finished that we have EVER seen."


You must have missed Fujita^^ He nearly KO'ed Fedor. Rogers only stunned him a little. He was totally rocked against Fujita.


I agree with you on Arlovski UD. Silva is perhaps underrated but he didn't put Werdum away so I don't see him putting Arlovski away.


I don't disagree with your Jacare pick and I think he will submit Joey but I totally disagree because you think he did good against Linland you think he can stand with Joey. Lindland has garbage boxing skill with no KO power it's enough to complement his wrestling though but thats it. Joey has good boxing and KO power. Not saying he can't stand with Joey but if he plays around with that too long he's gonna get hurt.

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I've got The Reem' date=' Arlovski, Gracie, Jacare and Britt for the main card.[/quote']


the only fight I could possibly sig bet u is the Britt Feijao one... and I am still not sure I want to do that. lol

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Is it cool if I just quote what I said in another thread? Ok cool.


Overeem by 2nd round submission

Rogers has proven to be a first round fighter. Overeem will use his immense experience advantage to tire Rogers out in the first and submit him in the second' date=' similar to what Fedor did (except Fedor won by KO of course).


Bigfoot by 3rd round TKO

Antonio Silva has gone under the radar for too long. He's gonna show his stand up in this fight against a legit boxer like Arlovski. Look for him to kick hard, go for the clinch and land knees to take away the speed advantage of Arlovski. This fight will see the ground at some point and it should be good since Silva is a BJJ black belt and Arlovski has a great Sambo background.


Souza by 1st round submission

This guy has alligator grip strength and is known for it. He also spars with Anderson Silva and has shown much improved striking in his last few fights. I would not be surprised if he wins by KO via GnP.


Randleman by UD

Kevin looked pretty good at the weigh ins and Gracies lately just have no fighting spirit in them. Randleman will break him mentally over the course of 3 rounds.


I'll also make an argument against myself because I'm not extremely confident about these picks.


Rogers looks determined. He almost [i']needs[/i] to win this fight because two losses in a row for a superheavyweight can destroy their career. A motivated Rogers is a dangerous Rogers and he really wants that rematch with Fedor, not to mention the heavyweight title. He definately has the ability to wipe that smile off Overeem's face.


Arlovski might be able to outbox Bigfoot. He has the speed advantage and he'll need to use it in this fight. He'll also need to protect his glass jaw with lots of head movement and footwork.


Villasenor is the definition of heart. This guy never quits. I have seen a few of his fights and he is one tough mofo. He also has heavy hands and he'll need to lay them on Souza's suspect chin.


I honestly didn't even know who this Gracie kid was. It seems like a Gracie crawls out from under a rock every other day. They're multiplying like rabbits or something.

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