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MMA fans and fighters congregate at Queen's Park in Toronto


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From CTV Toronto.ca via The Canadian Press




The Canadian Press


TORONTO ? Mixed martial arts fans gathered on the front lawn of Queen's Park on Saturday to take part in a demonstration on behalf of the sport.


The demonstration was held in support of MMA, which still isn't sanctioned in Ontario. Premier Dalton McGuinty says allowing the sport isn't one of his top priorities -- and he believes Ontario families agree with him.


A few hundred supporters braved rain showers Saturday as MMA fighters and personalities stated strong cases for the sport's inclusion. They argued that a UFC card can generate tens of millions of dollars for the city in which it's held -- like Montreal, where the UFC has held three successful events and will likely return soon.


For the fighters, it comes down to something even simpler: The chance to fight in front of a boisterous and supportive home crowd.


"The only thing now that's left to do is be able to fight (in Toronto)," said Carlos Newton, a Newmarket, Ontario., native and former UFC welterweight champion. "Being able to fight here in Ontario would be a great opportunity, not just for myself, but for everyone, for us as a community."


London, Ontario, native Mark Hominick, who fights for World Extreme Cagefighting, said MMA promotes fitness and healthy living like few sports can. He also believes sanctioning the sport in Ontario will lead to a major influx of world-class fighters to come from the province.


"MMA contains some of the most athletically gifted athletes in the world, with Ontario holding many of these," said Hominick, who has also competed in the UFC. "Due to our provincial government's (neglecting) of the sport, it remains on a grassroots level, as opposed to the level I believe it deserves to be on."


UFC president Dana White has a "major announcement" planned for Toronto on Tuesday, but it isn't expected to be about the sanctioning of mixed martial arts in Ontario.


So it's confirmed that Dana's announcement wont be about Ontario sanctioning MMA. I guess ill wait until Tuesday to find out.

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