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The "Fearless" one has added another win to his short MMA career. Jason David Frank also known as the Green Ranger defeated Carlos Horn at UWC 8. Frank was originally supposed to face James Handy JR but Handy backed out of the fight due to an injury. This fight was a little over 2 weeks since his last one and rarely seen in MMA.


Horn weighed in at 265 lbs to Frank's 215. Horn was a last minute fill in due to the injury and Frank executed again in the first round. Frank maneuvered out of the ground position and locked in the arm bar for the victory at 24 seconds in the 1st round. Frank however did suffer a big slam from Handy and many were worried that Frank was seriously injured.


However on his facebook page he wrote this: I'm fine guys...my back is good just a little punch that's all. 4 and 0 i'm happy. thank you guys.


This could be considered a huge win for Frank's MMA career as he was facing a fighter 50 lbs heavier than him and really played to his strengths. Frank now has not left a first round in his MMA career and has finished all his fights in 3 minutes or less. He has impressed a lot of people and many thought he was using his Power Ranger persona as a way to regain the spotlight. He has ignored all the negative press and continues to push on towards his goal of being a force to be reckoned with in the world of MMA.








Good job for JDF...4 and 0. All fights finished in the first round. 2 KO's and 2 Subs.



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