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yagers fights


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it seems he is given easy fights. i reckon dana needs him to make the ratings higher. i ant him to vs kyle noke in the final and get his **** whooped


I like Noke, but havent seen enough to see how good he truly is. Yaeger's fights have been easy sure, but its not like hes dragging his feet.


He's won by KO and TKO.


His semifinal fight might end in the same exact way.

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Ya I like Noke too' date=' but I think that [b']IF[/b] he fights him we will be able to see Nokes striking and/or Yager's ground game.


Side note: Im knew to the forum so I can't quite figure out how to make a thread, any help would be apreaciated thanks


Just click the "new thread" near the top of the page.

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