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What sports have you played/do you play?


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what sports have you played for more than a year or so???? (what sport have you played the most, what would you say is 'your sport'????)

there we go, a poll......


i played rugby on and off for years..... lets say 4-5 years i total (some seasons i couldnt be bothered, quit lol)

done weight lifting for 2 years

been running 5 kms + a few times a week for 5 years

played soccer for a year

hockey for a year

and dragon boating for a while, hah

and always participated in yearly athletics events at school



and i always wanted to do

mma, boxing, bjj



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I train JiuJitsu and Muay Thai at fisma in miami. I also work there.

i've trained at mma masters and ATT Coconutcreek a few times, i went there for sparring. I got to roll with Valverde, Levelz, Bibiano, and some other dudes. it was awesomeee


i also weight lifted for 4 and a half years. No cardio.. with whey protein and lots of meat. I was a not so lean 330lb haha, im at 240 right now.

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I played ice hockey as a kid and in my 20's in a beer league. Haven't played for over 10 years now though due to ****ty knees.

Played soccer and baseball through high school and kickboxing during my teens.



Golf is my main sport now. 8 handicap.

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I'm not going to include sports played in P.E. in school. But played football, baseball, soccer, and basketball competitively. I played basketball in college. Now I've been training Muay Thai for 4-5 years, at Fairtex for about 2. I see some of you play(ed) basketball. In my experiences so far I feel that a lot of your fundamental basketball moves, translate well into Muay Thai. The inside and outside pivots used in BBall are similar to moves you use in MT, when setting up and avoiding strikes. Especially some of the explosion moves are very similar. I'd imagine other sports translate well, but Muay Thai just came very naturally to me after I finished college basketball. what do u think?

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i've played rugby for 20 years now, started at 10 year old, i've played every season but 1 when i cracked 2 vertabrae, had just over a year off with that one which is just one of the many broken bones i've had playing rugby, it now takes endless amounts of tape and supports to get through games and after every game i wonder why i bother when it hurts so much, but the next week i'm loving it and can't wait to get on the pitch, i also used to box a bit when i was in the army but rugby and boxing are 2 sports that don't really work for each other

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