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John "The Hitman" Hathaway


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Will be receiving his first lost after he faces Diego Sanchez.


Yes, John Hathaway is pretty good. He has an outstanding record but really... other than Paul Kelly, who on his record is really that impressive? and why are they handing him to Diego Sanchez?


So, Diego, he couldn't beat Penn at 155 and he could never beat GSP at 170 let along Koscheck for that matter.


So, will Diego Sanchez ever be a champion? He is a great fighter to watch and always puts on exciting fights but what's left for him to do if he cannot get to the top of either division?



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I don't know if he'll ever be champion, but he's a great fighter and always puts on exciting fights. I bet Diego is going to destroy Hathaway, TKO or Submission.


I'd like to see Sachez vs. Florian II, but that's prob not going to happen.

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id dont expect hathaway to make it out of round one diego via vicious G&P tko


Hell yeah!!



YES!!!!!! YES!!!!!! YES!!!!!!



On a side note..

I wonder if he'll continue on with the "Yes" thing after that performance against BJ Penn...

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