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Sign here and vote if you think THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER 12 should Have a longer run time


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Ok so i think 1 hour of TUF is to short. I want to see more of the training and how these guys cut weight and more about them. Its like some episodes we see like these guys in the house playing a video game and then, BOOM, fight. then its over and im bored and im looking more forward to Primtime rashad : rampage. I want to see tito and chuck showing them more stuff and see how good they are learning. I want to rate the best guy who trains the hardest by seeing it, not hearing it from chuck or chucks coach.

I MEAN THIS IS CHUCKS COACH(geart guy but WTF?) " i think this guy is going to win the whole thing" "this guy is the most talented here. He has a big shot at winning this" "He the best one here" .


Its like im so sick of believing coaches. I want to see more fight preparations.


Its like watching UFC 114 without watching the primetime or countdown to 114. Its would be more boring and you would really know much about all the hate with rashad and rampage.


SO if you would, sign here saying your name or just saying i agree and lets have this show end up being 1 hour and 30 minutes for next year. I mean im guessing they throw out so much film. SPIKE would prob let them do it to.


OR you can vote here for a 2 hour episode every week. I also believe it should be on at 9. So you can vote thoise above then just sign saying...


"please dana white, allow for tuf 12 to air on at (9:00PM) for (1:30 / 2:00) hours every week."


if you dont agree with me than you can vote no but do not sign here. If you dont want to see more fighting and training than you arent a mma fan. Get all you can, right?

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Would def like to see more of the nuances of the training and instruction. If they lengthened TUF to include that I'd be in... At times they struggle a little too much to create drama where there isn't any and where, in my opinion, there is no need for any. The sport/training is interesting and "dramatic" enough. ...But maybe the contrived drama is created in an attempt to keep the interest of the more casual viewers?

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I hear what you are saying. The way it is this season, 1 hour is enough. I would like to see more of the training, weights, cardio, sparing, cutting, ect ect ect. I dont care whos a jerk in the house or who stole someones rice cakes.


The way this season is set out, it could be called Big Brother Fighter because it is not really The Ultimate Fighter.

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