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Kung Fu Master vs Sizzerb(rap battle thread)


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Ok I'm bored so I'll go first(just a little fun)


Pigeon gonna turn to puzzle piesces

pigeon gonna call polices

pigeon gonna pray to jesus

I flip them o's like tic tac toe

you already know this is troll population control

Kung Fu jiu jitsu out the window when I hit you

whats your karate kicks when I split you

Just like shogun I switch kick you

You wanna be a moderater

but which memeber here wants a online player hater

I'm going to be direct when I took my first step you just took your first breath

and you can bet your ****,

that, that oxygen is going to be your last

I'm bending you over

So I guess it suits to call you Ben Dover

If you call this gambling then you aint playing poker

Your playing russian roulete with a full revolver

Your life is pretty much over

I give you props for rhyming

But I really hate it coz my ear drums are dying

So I'm here to stop you in your tracks

with my raps, I cuaght the claps but you caught the naps

from my left right left right hook, takedowns is somthing I never took

So you see

I aint a punk like GSP

I'm more like paul daley, I'll throw a left then you'll.pay me

for knock out of the night with no right I knocked out this d-y-k-e

knocked Out cold while I stand over smoking on endo

I call you bisping so I guess I'm hendo

I''ll drop your **** in the cast

Your body turning cold

Don't blame me I don't need a sole

Before you began to rhyme you were dancing round a pole

You little hooker, be gratefull I took ya

And slapped you up,

like Big Nogs truck

you dont really wanna buck you just wanna f-u-c-k

You can't compete so just leave with your tounge between your teeth

Unless you want them knocked out till you cant eat.

Round one to me,

i'll break off your arm to tapout please

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Sizzerb, I really don't have time for this but since you have made a thread to honor me and have consistently begged me to do this so you may learn a thing or two, I shall display a rhyme for your listening amusement.



I have tortured the best of the best

Go-Hard, HappyHamer and all the rest

My rhymes run deep and ring throughout

Chiming through kingdoms and all about

Resounding and echoing in all domains

Campfire songs are sung in my names

Kung, Fu, and Master are just a few

There are more but that will do

He is a myth, a legend, a trend

But most of all, he's not a friend

His work have survived the test of time

He is mentioned in fables and stories of rhyme


Let me tell you about his resurrection

He once laid down his sword of protection

Only because he brought so much pain

To all his enemies but nothing gain

And so he vanished without a trace

The world was lost and could not replace

The legend and paranormal that he is

Forever gone and forever be missed

Until one lad stumble upon

A relic with-holding a rhyme, a song

He recited this poem, again and again

Each time he did it, the world would bend

His name is Sizzerb, a young lad on meth

He will now suffer and die a slow death

For unleashing the most menacing foe

Who will put on the most gruesome show

You will bare witness to Kung's destruction

As he tortures and brings devastation

The world shall blame you, Little Sizzler

For tampering with secrets of unknown power

It's too late to show any remorse

Your mistakes have caused this course

And now the world will pay for your crimes

As KFM resurrects his rhymes

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