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Rampage - Evans interviews in comparison.


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Who looks more focused in the interview with Ariel Helwani? I hate to say it but i think Rashad looks more composed.


He is definately in Rampage's head.I hope Rampage has some sort of game plan and doesn't just go into the fight swinging for the fences because that's when Rashad can capitalize on takedowns and probably go on to win the UD.


Rampage 2rd KO.



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Yeah, gotta agree Rashad seems very calm and composed. Rampage doesn't look like himself; very few words, seems a little tense for some reason.

Even tho i am a huge Rampage fan and never really liked Rashad, in this interview i have to admit he really looks ok and not irritating.

Still i will be routing for Jackson and i still believe he is taking this one. Probably by TKO in the second or the third round. I just hope his conditioning will be better than Rashad's and that ring rust will not affect his performance much.

Let's all hope to see a fantastic and exciting fight (altho i don't think Rashad will want to stand and trade with Rampage).



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This one has all the makings for a fixed fight. With the A-team coming out soon, there is a lot of people with a vested interest in having Rampage come out with the W. I know all you hardcores will remind me that this isn't WWE, but all sports can be fixed at times.

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