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GSP's MMA debut was a fluke


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I will be the first to say I don't really like GSP but I honestly don't see what you saw that make you think he was getting destroyed. I think it was a good fight back and forth and for his first pro fight I don't think he did bad what so ever, and the say that it was a tap out as they are announcing the winner witch means the guy most have tapped or verbal given up.

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St.Pierre wasn't in trouble' date=' a mistake of verbal communication happened. That's all. It was actually a good fight all around until it happened. both contenders were giving a little, taking a little. It was pretty good, the little that we saw.[/quote']


never said he was in trouble

just said he wasnt lookin too hot

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never said he was losing

just said he wasnt dominating at all like we see him today


im sayin its a fluke cuz the stoppage was horse **** and the guy was fine


he coulda got up and eventualy won the fight


GSP should thank the Canadian lord Wayne Gretzky for that blessing


You are a waste of time.

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