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How many fingers does Dana have (and other lies, and absurd statements from podcast)


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Dana on Bill Simmons' podcast at ESPN.com...


1. Since he and the brothers bought the UFC, he can count the number of terrible fights in the UFC on one hand (how many fingers do you have Dana ... off the top of my head ...

Starnes/Quarry, Silva/Leites, Silva/Maia, Alexander/Kimbo, Coleman/Couture etc). So Dana, how many fingers you have - as I haven't even bothered to look at every event - and we're easily at 5...


2. Stephan Bonnar is a guy that has had bad luck or he could have had a GREAT career. Sure thing. First off, we've seen that Forrest has been exposed as truly mediocre (he beat Rua who was recovering from knee surgery, and then he allegedly beat Rampage... that's it) so while his first fight with Griffin made the UFC, this loyalty is laughable. Not to mention Dana supports cheaters (Sherk) so it's no surprise he's behind a guy that was suspended for steroid use. Bonnar is a never was...


3. Dan Henderson - Dana and the UFC knew he was finished. Sure Dana. Sure. For a guy that was finished, he destroyed Mike Bisping, a guy that you thought was ready to fight the Spider. On the plus side, Hendo probably saved Bisping's life by beating him at UFC 100. Not to mention Hendo beat Poulhares and Franklin, so I guess they are done too. Hendo might have had some ring rust when he lost to Shields. Since Dana still lets Chuck get in the cage, and he is CLEARLY done, Dana is full of it...


4. Fedor isn't in the top 10 PFP. He hasn't beaten anyone in 10 years. Hahaha. Sure thing Dana. You were willing to pay this guy millions and he isn't a top 10 fighter. That makes you a TERRIBLE businessman Dana. Or a liar. So which is it?? Dana seems to think you HAVE to be in the UFC to be considered a top 10 PFP guy - which isn't surprsing. He left Hendo's KO of Bisping out of the UFC 2009 hilight show, and he left the Frank Shamrock/Tito fight out of contention for the top 100 fights in UFC History. Which shows that he's either a small little man, or he doesn't know anything about MMA. Period. So, which is it Dana??


Dana, get over yourself. You aren't bigger than the fighters, or MMA. And as long as you keep your petty vindictive streak going for anyone who doesn't cowtow to you (Hendo, Tito et al) you are proving that you're a punk.


War Hendo - you know, the guy who destroyed the myth that was Mike Bisping once and for all....


KO of the YEAR. UFC 100. Hendo knocks Bisping the F out.

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It's a fight business. You can't pay guys more than they are worth. You just can't.


Hendo did catch Bisping and it was a spectacular KO. Granted. But then he got owned by a natural WW. Hendo looked like a turtle on his back for 3/4 of that fight.


Of course Dana is going to promote his fighters and put down fighters from other promotions. It's business.


Fedor is clearly a top 10 P4P guy, I can't see him beating Lesnar or Carwin. He hasn't fought anybody in forever, so Dana has a point.


Bottom line is, look where the UFC was when Dana took over, and look where it is now. He must be doing something right.

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I dont get why people get so worked up over what Dana says. I mean of course he's gonna put fighters down that arent in his organization it's business. Of course Hendo aint done and yea theyre has been alot more bad fights but you think he's gonna say that? I mean there's alot of stuff he says I Dont agree with but hey it's his business and he knows what he's doing.

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dana supports cheaters? wtf? Sherk and Franca both tested positive and sat out their suspensions accordingly. Its not like thats the first time that anyone in the history of combat sports had tested positive. Its not like he was *****ing about the suspensions at the time or anything like that.


As far as stephan bonnar, well I can understand his loyalty to Stephan and to Forrest, because there fight on spike is what MADE UFC what helped bring UFC back and made it legitmate again. Whats so wrong with that. Bonnar, while not the best in the world, has had some close decision losses in there, and I understand what the loyalty is about. And Forrest loses to Anderson Silva, probably the greatest, if not top 3 greatest fighters of all time, and now suddenly he is mediocre? wtf dude? He's not neccisarily at the top of the LHW chain, but he did hold the title, albeit for a short time, and he did beat the LHW champ did he not? Recovering from injuries or not, it doesn't matter. Shogun took that fight, and lost. Also Griffen beat ortiz, (twice as far as I'm concerned) which isn't saying a ton, but saying that he is horrible, or mediocre or whatever is hogwash. Not to mention, he is one of the more polarizing and popular fighters in UFC, particularly because of his classic 3 round war with Bonnar.


As far as Hendo, well, what do you want Dana to say? Do you want him to say that Hendo is the best ever? I mean, he turned down UFC's contract offer and went to strikeforce, then promptly got beat by Jake Shields. U want Dana to say that the competitions fighters are better than his?


As for the Fedor Comments, see above. You really think Dana is gonna pour on a bunch of praise for another organizations fighter? It would make no sense. And also, really, if you fedor fanboys think that Bret Rogers is a top HW and counts as a challenge for Fedor then you are full of ****.



And, as for your last comments, its not like this is a new Dana white that no one has seen before. IF it wasn't for him and the fetitta brothers YOU WOULD NOT KNOW WHAT MMA IS. GET IT?

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and to continue, its not like Fedor and M1 global are Dana, or honestly the MMA worlds favorite people right now. With all the BS posturing and copromotion BS they tried to get with UFC. The got it with strikeforce, look how well that has worked out.


Like him or not, Dana White is the face of UFC, and for the most part, the face of MMA in general. He is a shrewd businessman that understands the fight game and what it takes to be successful. I like Dana White, just because of the fact I get to watch MMA with top notch production values, the best fighters. I even get to see MMA stuff on ESPN now which still totally just blows my mind. (espn US that is)


to the OP, I suggest you go out and rent, or procure, however you do, the first few UFC events. I mean 1 thru 5. Watch those, then watch a recent one, and tell me that Dana White and the Fertitta brothers are not a good thing for the UFC and for MMA in general.

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