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Bisping warns Evans to 'stop talking ****'


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Michael Bisping has served warning to Rashad Evans prior to UFC 114, admitting 'I would not want to be him' ahead of Evans' clash with Quinton Rampage Jackson.


Bisping and Rampage have been training together at the Wolfslair gym in preparation for their May 29 bouts, with Jackson set to face former light-heavyweight champion Evans whilst Bisping is scheduled to meet Dan Miller.


Bisping will no doubt have a few secrets for Rampage, having taken Evans to a decision himself, but the Briton is nevertheless confident that Jackson will deliver the fourth knockout of his UFC career. Evans has had plenty to say for himself in the build-up, promising to make Jackson cry, but Bisping believes it is the former TUF man who has everything to worry about.


"Rampage is going to knock Rashad's head off. I wouldn't want to be Rashad," Bisping told ESPN.co.uk.


"If he carries on talking s**t, it could be an early night for Rashad."


Rampage is just one of a number of UFC team-mates Bisping now has at the Wolfslair, after three new names were signed up by the UFC. Kurt Warburton, Rob Broughton and Tom Blackledge will all debut in October, and Bisping has told the UK crowd to get ready for fireworks.


"Expect big things. Kurt Warburton, he's a lightweight but I brought him out to spar with me for the Wanderlei camp. That's how strong he is. He won't have a problem with wrestlers taking him down. He's got great striking and is very aggressive. Expect exciting fights out of Kurt for sure.


"Tom Blackledge has amazing Jiu-Jitsu and is a great fighter - very diverse. He's very well-rounded.


"And Rob Broughton, the big man, he's a true warrior. He's just won the heavyweight tournament in England. All three of them have great potential to do big things in the UFC."

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i kno a fight is a fight and anything can happen.but Rampage will win since i believe bisping beat rashad when they fought. Evans doesn't really have a chance unless he lands a punch like he did on chuck cus as much as i dislike rashad that punch would of dropped anyone

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