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UFC 2010 "Connecting...."


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yeah i heard the servers are laggy from all the people wanting to play all at once. every now and then when a new popular game comes out, its going to have some heavy bandwidth


havent got my copy yet. dont know when i'll grab it. was going to wait for a used copy but whats the point if i'd have to spend the extra money just to be able to play online?


i bought a preowned battlefield bad company 2 limited edition and. i guess the guy who brought it in didn't have internet, as the VIP code hadn't been used, so i ended up scoring all the map packs and addons. Thats 1200 Microsoft Points I saved all because somebody wasn't able to redeem the code online. I got lucky


paying the extra cash just to play the game online when i am already paying for xbox live is kind of a pain in the ****. i am either forced into buying the game new just to be able to enjoy playing it, pay for MS Points to buy online access, or try my luck saving that extra money by waiting on a preowned one hoping that the code hasn't been redeemed.


i liked the demo. seemed a little more fluid then 2009 in many aspects, but as far as shelling out some serious dough just to play this game the way i want, i think i will wait it out until the server issues are fixed, and theres not so many negative reviews/feedback

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