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Vladimir Matyushenko


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Lets say he does beat Jon Jones... where would it put him in the division?


he wont but i'll humor you top 10 for sure, i have it like this:


1 Shogun

2 Rampage (post 114)

3 Machida

4 Rashad (post 114)

5 Couture

6 Griffin

7 Lil Nog

8 Jones

9 T. Silva

10 Franklin

11 Bader

12 Liddell

13 Hamill

14 Liddell

15 Vlad

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when he beats the overhyped jones it wont put him in title contention or anything but he should start getting matched with bigger names


once again Jones has never lost a round and has finished his last 3 fights convincingly Mazagati is 1-0 vs. Jones not Hamill...

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I personally hope he wins just because people are underestimating and disrespecting him so much.


i guarantee you 1 guy that's not underestimating him nor disrespecting him is Jones so don't leave one guy for what people are thinking or saying about him...

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I trained a little with Vernon Tiger White and he said Vlad hits considerably harder than anyone else he's ever fought.


And Vernon's fought a lot of guys.


I think people are underestimating him.


Wow, high praise from a guy whose orbital bone was broken by Chuck Liddell.


I'd say a victory for Vlad would put him around 10th or so. Tough to go much higher with that loss to Nogueira on his record.

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