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F Sig bets! It's all about the money!!!


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If this is a thread violation then please mods delete it and don't ban me. If not then I am offering a Money bet so far I have a $50 and a $20 bet with local friends. But if anyone is down to bet $30 then I am more then happy to give my address so you can mail me the money and get your address if I lose to mail you the money? Who is down?

I am an honorable man and always pay my bets.


I have Rampage over Rashad.

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What does this have to do with the UFC? or MMA in general?


Go away' date=' troll.


Stop creating pointless and/or repeated threads.[/quote']


It has to do with a UFC main event you idiot. I was offering to bet Money rather then a dig. So when someone offers to do a sig bet are they a troll?

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