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TUF ##: Sanchez vs. Florian


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I agree ' date='a rematch between those two would be awesome[/quote']


I definitely think so... I think it would be a tough fight to call, especially if Diego would fight like he usually does instead of like a crazy wild man like he did against Clay Guida. :P

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Sanchez I bet would be funny as heck on the show, providing the comic relief, being the "problematic" coach of the season, and Kenny Florian would just be this straight and serious guy, but a good coach... The fight between them would be good too, by the way.


Diego would be crazy with his hands, good with Takedown Defense, and good with wrestling if he decides to ACTUALLY use it, and Florian would have good technical style, and good subs off his back.. It's a tough call, Diego Sanchez has about as good a chance to KO Kenny Florian as Kenny Florian has to submit him...


I would have to go out on a limb and say Diego Sanchez by (T)KO, round 3.

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