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is Fedor the figher we think he is??


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i mean come on.... he is supose to be the best fighter in the world... and he aint even replyed to legopigs chalenge? WTF!? he has even made the rules in his favour!


maybe it M-1 holding him back, but even so it makes him look like a *****!! at least show your face and dont just ignore it!


at the moment i have more respect for legopig than fedor.... and it also make me believe that if they ever did get it on legopig would win with the confidence he is showing...


not long now fedor to reply... do the right thing!!! dont let your fans down!!!

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no i don't think your burnster because you have another account wich you have had for a while i was just throwing it out there just in case it turns out to be you' date=' peace[/quote']


nope keep guessing lol

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Its only a matter of time til you are banned' date=' the rules clearly state no multiple accounts.


Spuda = Legopig.[/quote']


hahahaaa wrong!! i aint Master LegoPig... he aint even from the same country



im just a smelly dirty troll

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