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Watching on line


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I'm from the UK.


So how much is it to watch the fight online?


What time will the fight be shown in the UK?


Do I watch all the fights and not just the main event?


Why is there 50 places to buy the fight from?


Where exactly do I order the fight?


It's all very unclear and I'm not about to start handing over cash details when things are unclear. Who ever runs this site really needs to sort it out.

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if you have sky why not get ESPN' date=' monthly payment to get all fights and build up programmes aswell, if you also like football its on there too but i just get it for the UFC. think its about ?12 a month.[/quote']


The football season is over.


I'm not paying another ?12 a month on top of my other ?40 tv bills every month. Paying ?12 for one channel is insane.


So, any suggestions to watch online?

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