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Detaled UFC 114 Breakdowns and Predictions


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That was an awesome read. Although I would have to disagree with how the fight ends. Even though I'm rooting for Rampage, I see Rashad winning via decision. I think Rashad's wrestling and explosiveness will be the deciding factor in this fight...unfortunately.

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Interesting breakdown. A few points however:


1, Rashad's cardio might be answered. To be fair, only seeing clips isn't a definit way to know how his workout is going, but seeing that sprint with the parachute, and wrestling with Carwin after a 3 round sparring session is enough to make me a believer.


2. I believe that Bisping is better off his back than Rampage. I think 'Page is incredibly uncomfortable on his back, and will try to stand immediatly, giving rashad possible sub attempts. Do I think 'page will end up tapping? Hell No. But points are points. And the more time Rashad can keep Rampage defending subs and trying to stand, the less time he hass to worry about haymakers.


3. As for Rashad being able to control a downed opponent, I am not sure that matters too terribly much tbh. 'Page wants to stand(obviously), and taking out the cardio factor, everytime he gets clinched or taken down he will become that little bit more annoyed and frustrated. Especially since he is so gung ** about NOT being able to be taken down.


4. Say waht you will, but rampage is walking into this fight pissed the **** off. Rashad's mind games are working imho. I think that the longer Rashad can keep from taking damage, the more takedowns he can get, and if he is able to win a few rounds, then 'Page will go ape**** and start swinging for the fences.


THAT is when I believe the fight will be decided. Rashad showed againt thiago and machida, that he doesn't do too well against a flurry of attacks. Be they controlled or not. If he can weather the storm and not get tagged early, I see rashad walking away with a decision.


my 2 cents.

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Thanks for responding man...and for reading.


1) I'm not basing Rashad's cardio on "clips". I base his cardio on performance. Rashad gassed in all 3 bouts with Ortiz, Silva, and Bisping. When he's forced to use his wrestling, his tank doesn't seem to hold up too well.


2) Who has Rashad subbed in the UFC? How many times have you actually even seen him attempt a sub? Rashad Evans is a takedown artist and ground and pound specialist when it comes to his grappling. He has credentials in BJJ. He just doesn't incorporate it into his game.


Rampage has very good defensive wrestling. With Rashad's inability to control downed opponents, I see a serious flaw coming into this fight. We will have to see a takedown onslaught for him to win this fight. Against a guy with takedown defense like Rampage's, it won't be easy.


3) I believe Rashad's inability to control means everything in this fight. Rashad is not going to technically pick Rampage apart standing for 3 rounds. He will need to rely on his wrestling at various points. If he can't secure and keep takedowns, he will be forced to stand with one of the best boxers in MMA. This is the same Rashad who took a split over Michael Bisping and lost the 3rd round by almost getting KO'd by Silva. He wants takedowns and control in this fight.


4) What fight has Rashad not taken damage in? He's not Lyoto Machida or Anderson Silva in his movements. I'm not discounting his great head movement. I just believe this newfound "elusiveness" is a bit overhyped. Rampage was pissed off against Wanderlei. Hell, Wandy even kicked his **** twice already. Let's not forget that Rampage was also coming into that fight after the whole lawsuit and highway rampage.


He came in and soundly defeated Silva. I'm no doctor. The only person who knows what's going through Rampage's head right now is Rampage. He is a seasoned veteran who's been here before.

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