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Chris Stringer Ready To Unleash 'Menace-Fu' To Get The Recongition He Deserves


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Ahead of next week's Clan Wars Lightweight tournament, Kaobon's Chris Stringer tells us why he's getting better all the time, and this will be the first step to him getting the recognition and fights he deserves.


"I won't quit. No matter how hard I get beat up, cut or pounded on, my heart is bigger than all of the fighters in there! Also, it helps when you're training with the best fighters in the UK, so I think I'm the most dangerous fighter in the tournament. Plus, my style isn't the regular MMA style, it's head busting, whoop that *** 'Menace-Fu!'"


For the full interview, click here: http://britmma.co.uk/chris-stringer-ready-to-unleas/4554503862

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