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Have You Reached Legend Status on This Forum Yet


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Ok' date=' what about me? Do you even recognise me? I remember nearly everyone on here, but i guess thats just a slight waste of brain cells lol[/quote']


i usually remember those with avatars haha if you dont have an avatat i may possibly not know you lol

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This forum needs more BUSEY!!!


Ah, the good ole days, when BuseyLogic was all we needed.


Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift...........................







That's why it's called the present.


*looks at illegal substances but stays clean*

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surely i can't be the only one who thinks being called a legend on an internet forum would be insulting. Why don't you rename it the "lifetime achievement in wasting time" award?


i fell somebody shouldn't reach that status until:


1. You reach over 3,000 posts in my book. I was gonna say 5, but thats a bit much.


2. People ask where you are once you've left for good.


3. Or, you can shame a vet/legend in a debate on most subjects. Even if your post count is 250 ya know?

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The first member to reach 10' date='000 post now can be considered a legend. So it will be a 4 way battle now between.






Somebody should make a poll about this, if who among them will reach first.



But, raffy_handsome > Legend. Lol


jiujitswho already did that


hes at like 12,000 something posts man

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