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Chael to Anderson ''You're gunna be on your back more then a pornstar''


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nobody uses search idiot bum. i didnt see it so i will post if i want to. dong sucker.







You make an obvious repost of an dentical topic on Page 1,(which doesn't require a search, just half a brain) then act like an **** when someone points it out lightheartedly.




Cool dude!

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this guy has been signing his own death warrant anderson silva is going to do what he did in the leben fight to chael what an idiot n idk how anyone can think chael sonnen stands a fu$%in chance what a joke this is ..i think chaels gonna go in for a takedown eat andersons punches go down n we'll see anderson finish the fight bc chaels been talking although who knows he could pull a ufc 112 n then strikeforce can steal anderson if dana releases him

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