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Dana White on cover of "Vegas Seven" magazine


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Dana White is on the cover of the latest 'Vegas Seven' magazine.


Check out the cover at this link.



If you don?t like it, and you?re not into it, **** it?don?t watch it,? he says. ?I don?t like golf. You know what I do? I don?t ****ing watch it! What?s golf? A bunch of rich ***** walking around in stupid clothes and hitting a ****ing ball. If we stopped that ****, we could build housing for people who can?t afford it on that land. And you have a problem with UFC? Come on, man. Everyone?s gonna have their opinions. I?m not gonna change that.?


This guy is awesome!


He twittered that anyone going to UFC 114 or the Fan Expo should bring a copy for free stuff.

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