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Dana white: ?we?re probably going to end up doing 100 fights a year?


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?This is is a work in progress. We bought this company, and we were doing five fights a year. If you would have told me six or seven years ago that we?d be doing 34 fights a year, I would have said, ?That?s impossible. It?ll never happen. That?s crazy.? We?re probably going to end up doing 100 fights a year. We could have a show [in the U.S.] on Saturday night and five more going on in five other countries. That?s what?s going to eventually happen. It?s figuring this thing out, putting the pieces together, and like I said, it?s a work in progress. But I?m telling you guys, I said it years ago, and I?ve been saying it ? how big this thing is going to be. I think people are now really starting to realize how big this thing is really going to be.?


Thats crazy lol heres the link to read the rest.


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glad to hear it. think he should have said shows though their are already far more than 100 fights a year.


as for expanding into china, he should really watch what he's saying if thats a move they hope to make.


"Home to over 1 billion people, China represents the largest market of potential customers in the world. While communist rule dictates practically every facet of their citizen’s lives, the UFC believes that mixed martial arts has a place in Chinese culture."


thats the type of comment that would be frowned uppon by the comunist party. also if the escalating problems in korea get much worse instead of the UFC entering china, china might enter the UFC. LOL.

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