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Help Us At Canadianprofighter.com!!


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Hi everyone,


I have been a fan of the UFC for years, I live in Ontario and the only legal MMA in Ontario is on the Native Reserves(which Canadianprofighter.com has exclusive footage of check it out)

We are looking to expand as we have TV shows coming up, Fights to promote and record footage of and we will be selling the highest gear possible at an amazing price, because fighters pay WAY too much for their gear now!


Please check out our website check out our techniques of the week our many Exclusive Interviews and of course our Exclusive fight footage.


If you would like to be a correspondant, work with or sponsor us please contact us!!:cool:


Tell us you saw us here to be entered into a FREE draw with Micheal Bisping autographed UFC Gloves,

Thanks, Jason

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