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Diego Sanchez....This is the fight of the night for me!


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I cannott wait for diego sanchez to do his YES YES YES! when he comes out of the locker room and into the ring. Its gonna be crazy!!


He just said on an interview that its going to be like him vs guida again. but hes fighting jon hathaway. I cant wait for diego to smash this guy. Diego is one of my favorite fighters just because hes so focused and mentally prepared. Its so funny and i dont know if this fight will start off the event but if it does than GO DIEGO!


Tell me who you are cheering for and tell why. Give me your thoughts.


MY PREDICTION: Diego runs out, 1st hard right he throws will be KO and done! lol im hoping for this.

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IF Diego wins this fight which I do not think he will .It will be on points and not a KAYO John has a cracking chin and decent power is a decent wrestler and Diego could be in for a rude awakening


lol bro ur funny im totaly looking past john hathaway they fed him to diego because they dnt want him startin a losin streak wat they should hev done was make diego fight kenny florian again that would hev been a whole lot more exciting...

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