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KO Artist Rosfort headed for big things


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Heavy-handed Dane and new Cage Warriors lightweight champion Kenneth Rosfort spoke to FIGHT! about his win over Greg Loughran at the weekend.


Big things coming for Kenneth, no doubt. He's a great talent and always great to watch. This one was fight of the night for me.




The back and forth battle was indicative of the relative styles brought to the fore by the strikers. Loughran?s reach meant that he was able to land from the outside with a piercing jab but, as many have found to their detriment, one right hand from Rosfort can spell disaster. Playing on this innate ability, there were times when Loughran?s chin kept him in it, even when the big ones landed. Able to recover, Kenneth noted that it was all a part of the plan.


?That was my plan actually [to not go in for the kill] because I felt I had control of the fight and I wouldn?t rush in and follow him down because I?ve seen him before and he has a strong guillotine and things like that so I think I wanted to play it a little bit safe.


?I thought I?ll knock him out sooner or later so I didn?t want to rush anything,? he noted, half joking but fully aware of his capabilities. ?When I look back at it, I think maybe I should have gone in for the kill a couple of times and been more aggressive but it worked out in the end.?


The pic gallery can still be found here:



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