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Kos Heart Break Mafia Officially Official


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1 Gsp fans are ruining the site lets take it back.


2. Question authority and tear down the statue of progress


3.We dont hate we Conquer.


4.GSP fans. We are not your Fk'in abandonment you are.Choke on emptiness.


5.Never give into temptation.


6.This is our declaration.


7.Silence there voices.Rip there beating hearts out.


8.Fight for who you are.


9. Raise Hell

Kos is the number 1 p4p mma fighter and will become the UFC WW champion of the WORLD.


Join and you will become the best. Are you up for the challenge? Three strong Me,Hangitup and MoneyShot

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Cuase he just is and its gonna be official when he beats french cheating grease head in the ground


kos is still the same fighter he always has been. i don't see the rematch being any different from the first fight.


it's hard to knock somebody out when you are fighting off of your back

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"You Mad"? What? Speak American?




Now i lay me down to sleep i pray gsp for my soul to keep and if die put be on my back for gsp bump.Pray and will go to sleep and fantasize about gsp all night instead of yor gf or wife loser.LOsZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER

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