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Best cartoons ever


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The Smurfs......what? haha Seriously though' date=' loved them! :)[/quote']


Smurf is the national animal of Finland. Why? Because they r blue and white and so is our flag. Just realized that if Smurf ain't Finlands national animal I have no idea what it is...



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Bucky O hare


Biker Mice From Mars


Street Sharks




Count Duckula


wow completely forgot about street sharks. used to have a few of the action figures.



doug and dont know if anime counts but i used to be obsessed with dragon ball z

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Ninja Turtles (original)


Street Sharks

Beast Wars

Dragonball Z



Reboot was the s***!


as well as DBZ and StreetSharks


Swat Kats

Rocko's Modern Life

The Maxx

Bump In the Night

2 Stupid Dogs

Space Ghost


that's all I can think of


-buy the ticket. take the ride.

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