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What is right?! Mainstream or Underground?


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What do you think is better to be sporting around town: the mainstream threads (Tapout, Affliction, Warrior International, etc.) or your local underground clubs?


Personally, I believe that if you train and take what you do seriously without walking around like a giant d-bag calling everyone and anyone out, then BOTH are fine.




If you are one of those nutless wonders that does, you need to take your money and spend it some where else, homie. You make the rest of use look like a bunch brainless thugs. (MAAAA! I'M OUTTA PROTEIN! WHERE'S MY FRIGGIN' PROTEIN??!!!) It's tiring to see these guys stomping around with their chest out and their $70 t's pressed so neatly by mommy (Not now, Chief! I'm in the zone!). They are the modern day Roxberry Bangers (I'm gonna grinda on every piece of ------ that walks in this bar!).


So read up:


If you sweat, bleed, and have the scars to prove it. REPRESENT IT. If you love the sport and can't til the next local show or pay-per-view. REPRESENT IT.


Let's keep the sport moving in the right direction.


Stay Sucka Free.


Join The Legion





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