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matt hughes newest member of the Hall of Fame


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yeah it is. matt is one of my favorite fighters' date=' ever since he slammed carlos newton on his neck and knocked him out, cause i never liked newton. i even read matt's book which wasnt that bad.[/quote']


That is without a doubt one of Matts most contreversial wins. As it appeared Newton put Hughes out with a triangle a few seconds before the "slam". Matt even asked "What just happened?" after his team helped him up. It should have gone to a draw in my opinion, but whatever Matt TKO'd him 4th round in the rematch.


Hughes has the most UFC wins so he definently deserves his spot in the books!

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Basically' date=' I really think there's a few guys in the WW division that he could still beat though.[/quote']

Probably but I don't think we will see anymore huge slams and knocking people out with them and being the man to beat at 170 ever again. I just don't think we will ever see anymore memorable Hughes matches.

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