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If Dana calls.......


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If you really don't want to fight, I would say the following scenarios wouldn't make Dana upset:


* Change cell phone carriers and blame it on Metro PCS. Tell Dana that you heard the UFC was changing to Metro PCS and you just wanted to do what you were told and it's not your fault they can't switch over the lines fast enough!


* Disconnect your cable and blame it on your cable carrier because you wanted Fuel TV and they wouldn't oblige.


* You weren't aware that fighters had dropped off the upcoming cards because of injuries, because you are sequestered in a deep forest training for "your moment." Because your focused on fighting, you didn't pay your cell phone or cable bill and you have no access.


* It's Holiday season. Because you are a fighter and staying in shape is not a year-round consideration for you, you are out of shape and to get ready in 3 weeks with Thanksgiving with the Fam and Xmas around the corner, is just too much too ask.


* Why are you contacting me? I have a 3-4 record and surely you can do better? What's Rothwell doing?

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Dana is a tool,he has no say in the matter unless there is a contract signed.Contracts have stipulations,Dana is not a normal boss that can say go clean the toilet in your spare time,he HAS to negotiate deals.

The fighters have MORE rights than Dana but are too afraid.That is what the UFC does it tries to monopolize this business,so it can treat fighters like slaves.If the fighters had a clue,they would start a union and tell Dana to piss off,they could blackball him and get him ousted.

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