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What group of FIGHTERS would you RATHER have for a STREET fight.


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Can I just have GSP' date=' Silva, Shogun, Machida, BJ and Wandy?


I can almost guarantee they would **** on any of those groups.[/quote']

no you cant and i would take FEDOR, BROCK, CARWIN, CHUCK, KONGO, and ALDO and they would whoop those guys easily. Heres how it would go down. KONGO would be pucnhing those freaks like crazy. BRCOK AND CARWIN would be pounding out every one of those guys. FEDOR WOULD BE THROWING crazy headkicks. Chuck would be picking guys out and fking them up. and Aldo would be cleaning up the mess. YOU LOSE!

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i suppose my dream team of one LW, WW, MW, LHW, HW and HoF...


Nate Diaz, GSP, Anderson Silva, Thiago Silva, Cro Cop and Liddell.


Nate Diaz is gangster, GSP is untouchable and can put any man on his ****, Silva can straight good pummel and knee any street jockey, Thiago WILL kill someone, Cro Cop's head kicks could make peace in the middle east and Liddell may actually have some kind of mental deficiency governing his temper.

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