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Betting on 114: anyone put money down?


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I think the main card is very one sided with the exception of the main event.


fantasy picks:


rampage vs rashad


bisping vs miller


duffee vs russow


nogueira vs brilz


sanchez vs hathaway


sadollah vs kim


escudero vs lauzon





- guillard, cane, sanchez, duffee and bisping

- guillard, kim

- nogueira, jackson



single bet:


- hathaway vs sanchez for FotN

- duffee for KOotN

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Bisping vs Miller, Rampage vs Rashad and Sadollah vs Kim are FAR from one sided.


I also think Russow could pull off the upset tonight. No one seems to be giving him a chance, but this is a guy with something like 10 first round finishes on his record and who seems to have a pretty solid chin and dominant grappling. We've only seen 8 seconds of Todd Duffee in the UFC, that's definitely not enough to be able to judge this as a one sided war. It could be a 3 round war, or it could be a stoppage inside 60 seconds for either guy. Who knows?

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