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Don Hyun Kim


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I bet that everyone is going to say that this was a boring fight. It wasnt the striking battle that everyone likes to see, but Kim is one of the most technical fighters that Ive watched in a while. His right leg takedown(someone help me..is it called a right leg drag takedown?) is one of the best if not the best that ive ever seen. And on the ground he is completely relentless. He doesnt give me the thought that hes going to end the fight, but hes relentless, and moves enough and works enough for position that he keeps the fight where he wants it. If anyone dissagrees than they must not be GSP fans. Im interested to see what he could do against top tier compitition. I say top tier comp. because I dont consider Amir top tier. What do you guys think?? Whos pumped for the main card!!!! Its 4 am here. I was pretty tired but now im pumped to watch the fights!! Enjoy everyone!

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