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greg jackson


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after seeing the rampage rashad fight ive finalized my conclusion that greg jackson single handedly ruined MMA.


rashad has no skill, he took rampage down but couldnt do anything, he brought him to the fence like 4 times AND COULDNT DO ANYTHING.


rampage lands one good shot on him and the guy almost gets knocked out, this was alsmot a repeat of the thiago silva fight.


now i know how every single greg jackson proteg? is going to fight, so whats the point of watching them. GSP lays on ppl for 5 rounds, rashad lays on them for 3 thts the only difference. now hes probably going to do the same to shogun, hopefully shogun wont be a **** and not expect to be taken down, so he should always be ready for a takedown from rashad and knee him in the face when he tries.


**** u greg jackson u ****ing ***** maker, that is all.

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