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For UFC, Joe Rogan and the rest of you blow hards


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First of all, Rashad has a career that should be earning way more respect than he has been getting.


That's the first thing. But then I've been hearing for the last week the most people think Rampage was going to win. And as stupid as it sounds, many of their reasonings for this was because Rampage is "funny".


Are you ****ing kidding me? Rashad, if look at from a MMA point of view is a more well versed fighter. Rampage has fought somewhat big names. Has lost to many of them too.


I've been following MMA for a long time now, and Rashad. Rashad's evolution and skills have been OUTSTANDING. Rampage has stayed at the same level.


So what all this Rampage c*** riding? He is in the A-Team? He howls? He is "funny"... Please....


And then I hear the shocking amount of boos when Rashad entered. That upset me quit a bit. UFC has been holding Rampage up on this high horse too. Why? ANd then I'm sitting there listening to Joe Rogan telling viewers, "come on Rampage open up the jab and stick it in Rashad's face"


And this is ****ing ********. Matt Hughes, a rather big trash talker himself gave Rashad this label a long time ago. And it unfortunately stuck. But Rashad proved his **** wrong.


Rashad talks no more **** than any other fighter out there. In fact, there are much more **** that comes out of other fighters it's incredible how there is so much focus on Rashad.


How many times does Rashad have to be labeled a **** talker, underdog before you MMA "fans" get a clue?


BJ Penn is probably one of THE biggest **** talkers out there, but you people eat his **** up like skittles.


Brock Lesnar is the biggest **** talking punks out there, but people rarely mention it. Rampage is was a bully growing up, and exudes that personality today, but people love him? Dude has no friends, do you ever ask yourself why? Because he has no ****ing respect.



Ok so this is a rant. But damn it Rashad is a good dude, GREAT fighter. And it was disappointing to see how the UFC portray him tonight. To hear Joe Rogan jump on the bandwagon which NO commentator should ever do.


And to hear Joe Rogan make all these excuses for Rampage when he realized that Rampage was losing was a delicious little nuggest of irony.


Rampage, has not evolved as a fighter. He will NEVER be on the same level as Rashad.


But what do I know, Rampage is funny....

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