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Fights to come:


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Ok., Your thoughts on possible outcome of these fights- exciting or boring? PPV- well spent or PPV- hell sent? Will live up to the hype or just all hype? Many in this forum has been complaining by how the fights have been turning out lately. So I might as well make a survey.


Regardless of who wins, give me your opinion on how these fights will unfold:


1. Shogun vs Rashad

a) Slammer of a fight

B) Bummer of a fight


2. Franklin vs Lidell

a) Yahh!

B) **-humm...


3. Carwin vs Lesnar

a) Hell, yeah!!

B) This fight can go to hell


4. Forrest vs Lyoto

a) It's Miller time!

B) It's coffee time (I need to keep awake)


5. Silva vs Sonnen

a) God, this is so exciting I can't even go to the toilet to take a crap!

B) Who needs to take crap when I'm watching one right now??

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