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Best Card of the year


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in your own opinion which card was the best so far?


114 was okay

not spectacular


113 great but not amazing

expected more outta the daley Kos fight


112 terrible in all aspects

boring nothing exciting really


111 see above

(excluding the Mir Carwin fight)



didnt see it

but heard it was amazing and very exciting


109 old people

marquardt rubbed out by sonnen and just a bad main card


108 okay

not amazing but coulda been better

Silva not meeting my expectations

and rashad not fufilling his either




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UFC 111 was my favorite because i saw it at the movie theater haha. the Palhares fight' date=' the Carwin fight, the GSP fight, and the Pelligrino fight were all sick!!![/quote']


i forgot about the pelligrino and palhares


palhares was too quick to remember\



but the Kurt had a good fight


but the rest was garbaggio

except mir vs carwin

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Evans has headlined two main events that havent 100% resulted directly in even a title shot....wow the UFC is really hurting these days.


its cause hes lackluster in both of them


not that im saying silva is a joke


and everyone knows rampage isnt


just that hes not performing the same after the machida fight

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weird' date=' that in my opinion was the best pay-per-view I have ever ordered. imo the least exciting fight on the card was Bisping vs. Miller, and it was still pretty decent![/quote']


Wow your dumb that was the best fight of the night. I was playing with my dog during the ****** main event. There have been nothing but shhitty cards this year & I didn't order 110 but thanks to spike I have it recorded

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