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Rashad vs Shogun UFC LHW title!


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First off, congrats to Rashad for the win! He won all 3 rounds. Now that Rashad beat Rampage it looks like he is getting the title shot with Shogun, according to Dana.




I think the fight will be very competitive. Rashad learned from his lose against Machida. He is a very smart fighter.


At this point Shogun is at the top of the LHW heap. He is looking the best he has ever looked.


Who do you guys having winning?

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Should happen by end of summer. I think Shogun wins. I like Rashad also' date=' but think Shogun might be too much for him.[/quote']


he'll use a similar strat on shogun, this is an excellent solution for wrestler vs striker situations i mean if he beats shogun we miht be in the rashad erra! lol but that may be going a little overboard, but anyhow he has taken out 2 top notch strikers so far

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