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do you guys think rashad


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used the same tactics as dan hardy when he fought against marcus davis because dan talked a lot of crap leading to the fight which caused davis to get really mad and over train which cause him to lose the fight because he wasn't relax and calm. The same thing applies because rampage was so pissed and hyped that he lost focus to actually win the fight. just look at the weigh ins how rampage was all hyped and pissed looking while rashad maintain he's cool and was just relaxed. I'm no rashad fan but he fought he's fight and prepared well and used the dan hardy tactic well don't you think. Also i'm a big rampage fan and i'm really dissapointed http://forums.ufc.production.sparkart.net/images/smilies/frown.gif but rashad was the better man he just went in there calm and relax instead of all mad and angry. God i'm just so **** rampage why now he's gonna eat so much of his words and hopefully he won't go on an actual rampage like he did with the forrest griffin fight best of luck to him come back strong page and get yo mind in fighting instead of movies. http://forums.ufc.production.sparkart.net/images/smilies/smile.gif

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