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for the pride fans


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don't get so hung up on these minimal losses. i'm a pride fan as well, but alot of you other pride fans are losing faith. i do think wrestling is especially prominant now but the 'pride' spirit is still their. First i'd like to point out that wrestling isn't as dominant as everyone makes it out to be. 3/5 of our champs are strikers. iffy on edgar, but he'll lose the belt soon anyway to Penn. it seems to me that the number 1 spots may go to wrestlers, but they can never get the belt. and if any division is weak, its definitely the heavyweights. there are so many up and comers in their, Brocks hands are full and wrestling won't get him through it. look at the top 5 p4p most people can agree on in no particular order is Silva, Fedor, GSP, Shogun, and how bout Penn or Edgar. i see only one wrestler.


So let me say pride fans, the "pride is dead" guys have won the battle, but not the war

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