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my thoughts on UFC 114


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lol duffee.... knew he was no good..... too many people on his nuts over his KO in record time.. goo fatty russo


brilz.... he won..... lol new worst decision ever, worse than bisping/hammil

i dunno... i was really feeling this fight lol, and i liked the first event (was looking like a great card.... this decision made the card lots worse for me lol) thats bad..... everything about that decision stunk (big nog looked like he knew his brother had lost, so did lil nog...) WE CAN AT LEAST AGREE MR BRILZ PROBABLY UPSTAGED THE NOG/GRIFFIN FIGHT!!

melvin guilard.... WOOOOW he has body shots lol


never gave too much thought to diego sanchez... but his style looks horrible against another clean striker, was similar destruction to BJ vs diego.... i liked hathaway, had seen his 3 ufc fights, but hadnt noticed him


bisping vs miller...... meh... wanted miller to try grapple a lot more... bisping needs to 'loosen up' get some better angles, throw harder... i wanna see him KO someone atleast hah


lol rashad vs rampage..... they have to do something about this boring stuff..... (i dont care if you like too see it....) 99% of people are getting really friggin sick of it lol.....

push rampage against the cage for 2 rounds




all and all.... was the best card i had seen personally in a while

brilz vs nog was disgusting.... brilz clearly won the 1st and 2nd..... lil nog saying he did more in the fight too.... BS, he knew he lost.... could of at least gave the guy some more credit.....

and rashad is trash..... just boring.... should only get a certain amount of breaks for being inactive before you get a point deduction or something.... he wasnt even really pushing for anything more than holding rampage against the cage for 2 rounds

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are you kidding me? lil nog won that fight. and im not even a lil nog fan. sure he rocked him round 2' date=' and had a deep choke and had take downs but nog reversed them and got in a better position every time. and NOTHING is worse than hammill/bisping[/quote']


Leonard Garcia/ Korean Zombie

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The reason why its boring, is because of the sht rules unfortunately. They NEED to bring back knees to teh head on teh ground and proper upkicks, not being able to hold the cage , certain elbows not being allowed. Bring back some of the rules and you have good fights again.


But in a way i agree with you, but for different reasons. Its not boring because of the constant holding against the cage, its boring because the fighters arent allowed to friggin fight properly. Imagine if Rampage could knee to the head on the ground.


bring back some rules.......................... so the fighters can actually friggin defend themselves properly with proper offense.

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